Friday, January 1, 2010

Travel in 2010

2010 marks the third year I will track my worldwide (and statestide) travels via Parisian Spring. The impending move into a new decade made me wonder: If 2008 was the year of Paris - when I studied a little and traveled the country a lot - and 2009 was the year of unpredictability - when I declared my intent to travel the U.S. but instead moved to Belgium - what will be 2010's travel theme? I didn't do so well at predictions last year, but after realizing that I haven't taken a real vacation in five years, which is one I characterize as 7 days and 7 nights of nothing but pure relaxation, I'm hoping resolving to make 2010 the year of the vacation. I'm also resolving to get better at predictions.

This will be the year when I use my precious few annual leave days not to go home to Minnesota, or as nice ideas that exist but never get used, but as time when I leave my worries behind and spend a week or more lounging on the beach, in a wilderness hideout, or at a secluded spa. Two ideas are already in the works. The first involves a week in Los Angeles sometime in March. I'm envisioning drives up the California coast, testing out the local restaurant scene, and possibly even a day at Disneyland, my favorite childhood vacation spot. The second idea is Greece. I'll celebrate my final 20-something birthday in July, so why not celebrate the almost-end-of-an-era with a late springtime jaunt amongst the islands? Greece has been on my dream destination list for some time now, and The Year of the Vacation might be the perfect excuse to finally check that box.

Of course, Belgium is still in the picture for 2010, especially since my employer recently extended my time here by a month. I won't be leaving the Capital of Europe until the end of February, giving me plenty of time for a few more weekend trips. Paris is set for mid-January, and I'm trying to find something for mid-February. Any suggestions?

Happy New Year and Happy 2010 Travels!


Cancemini4 said...

Great resolutions and I'm so jealous! Greece!

Even though my Feb-Aug will have to be travel free I'm still hoping to squeeze in a trip or two in Sep/Oct, can't wait to read your 2010 updates for ideas!

Zhu said...

I went to Greece over ten years ago and loved it. Athens is a vibrant city!

Traveling plans... mmm... none for me right now but you got me thinking!

Tanya said...

@Cancemini4, we'll see if they actually come true. Don't forget the possiblity of an NYC weekend. We've been talking about that forever...

@Zhu, Make some plans and then tell us about them in your blog!

Greg Wesson said...

2010 starts off pretty unclear for me. No doubt more Europe travel is in the cards, but I have absolutely nothing planned yet. I am going to try and be better about following my "one weekend away a month" resolution, which I almost met last year, but missed a few months.

For your February trip, have you been to Luxembourg yet? Also, Brussels is situated nicely for easy train travel to many places. New high speed line up to the Netherlands just opened, shortening the journey up there. Before settling on Morocco for Christmas (which never came true), I debated going to Switzerland from London via train. You could check out Basel, the city of three countries!

Best of travels wherever 2010 takes you.

Adriana said...

Greece is great! after Athens, you should go to some of the islands... and just sit back and relax.
have you been to Brugge? Belgium´s Venice? it´s so cute! it´s really worth it and have moules et frites while you are there - yummy! ;)

Tanya said...

@Greg, I just went to Luxembourg, in fact! Watch for an entry about that trip soon. Switzerland would be lovely, and fairly easy to get to from Brussels.

@Adriana, relaxing on Greek islands is exactly why I want to go there :-) Sounds wonderful.