Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: airbnb.com

How do you like to travel? Inexpensively? Comfortably? Luxuriously? I've reached a point in my life where I'm looking for something more than the push-button showers and thin-mattressed bunks of my backpacking days, but doable in terms of my bank account. So while planning a recent long weekend in Paris, I wanted to find lodging that satisfied my young professional's tastes and my young professional's salary. Enter, airbnb.com.

Airbnb.com connects renters with rentees, for short or long term stays, and with an impressive range of tastes in mind. Traveling on a budget and just need a couch to crash on? They have that. Searching for that perfect Upper East Side homebase for a weekend of 5th Avenue shopping? They have that too. Always wanted to know what it's like to sleep in an igloo? Yes, they even have that. Hoping to rent a fourth floor, newly renovated, studio apartment in the Marais that is clean, simple yet comfortable, and gives you a true feel for what it's like to live in Paris? So was I.

Overall, my experience renting a Parisian apartment through Airbnb.com was flawless. I found a great place (and price) for what I felt was the perfect launching point for a weekend of visiting friends, taking in the sights, and shopping the sales. The woman who owns the apartment was friendly, prompt, and sent her very nice mother over to welcome me to my four-day home. The apartment was spotless, perfectly located, and tastefully remodeled. I would definitely use airbnb again. I wonder if they have anything on a Greek island...?


Cancemini4 said...

Also check out airbnb even if you're looking for something more long term, I'm renting out my place for 6 months with their help and it's been great!

Angela said...

I'm so glad to read your review of airbnb.com and that it met your expectations. I've looked into it for the same reasons, but haven't made the leap to try it out yet. Thanks!

Vagabonde said...

I just found your blog somehow and am pleased I did. I’ll take a note of airbnb for when I go back to Paris. I am originally from Paris (9ème arrondissement) but have lived near Atlanta, Georgia for many years. I used to fly to Paris twice a year to see my mom but she passed away in 2002 and I only have a cousin near Melun so when I travel back to Paris I have to go to an hotel just like a tourist. This apartment set up sounds real nice. I’ll come back to read more of your past posts. Amicalement VB

Tanya said...

@Cancemini4, you have to tell me how that's going. Did you find someone for the entire time, or lots of people for smaller bits of time?

@Angela, I really had a good experience with them. Let me know if you try it out yourself.

@Vagabonde, The apartment was so much better than an apartment. Unless you can afford a really nice one (The Ritz, anyone?) I think you're better off staying in a real home.

Ian said...
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