Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bikes Around Europe

Paris isn't the only European city with a self-service bike rental system. I snapped these photos of distincly Vélib'-esque two-wheelers in Brussels (called Villo!) and Luxembourg City (called Véloh!).

It begs the question: Just how many bike rental system names can one cleverly derive from the French word, "vélo?"


Lizz said...

There's something about repetition in photography that I find restful. Lovely work.

Adriana said...

great pics!
this bike rental system recently started here in Rio de Janeiro, let´s see if it works

Nisha said...

Click some more pictures when you go to Amsterdam. :-)

Can not say anything about the word.

It's a great system but I don't think it can ever work in India.

Zhu said...

They just started one in Montreal too, I forgot the name though. Nothing with velo, I think!