Monday, May 10, 2010

New York, New York

Earlier this year I outlined a small list of travel goals for 2010. It was to be the year of the vacation, with a trip to L.A. in March (done) and big hopes for a trip to Greece. Unfortunately, just as the euro is becoming favorable to Americans, my dream of Greece is slipping away into the abyss of too little vacation time and too many other commitments. Fortunately, I'm on track to realize a travel goal from 2009: New York City. Even better, this trip to The Big Apple is going to be more than just a weekend destination, it’s going to be my home for three whole months.

That’s right: I’m moving to NYC. Much like it sent me to Brussels back in August, work is sending me on temporary assignment to Manhattan, starting June 1st. When I’m not working, I hope to be exploring neighborhoods, checking out the restaurant scene, catching up with NYC-based friends, and sniffing around for anything having to do with Paris, France, or French culture. I don’t know much about NYC, having only visited twice for a total of three days time, but I do know that those visits left me wanting more.

So, I find myself in a very familiar situation, and one many of you know as well: running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for the move. Thankfully, the excitement of setting out on a new trip that will be filled with new adventures hasn't worn off. I've done it time and time again, and it still leaves me giddy with anticipation.


Greg Wesson said...

New York. You are the new Sinatra. You know, if you can make it there, they say you can make it anywhere.


Zhu said...

Lucky you! That's awesome! You must be so excited - I would :-)

Tanya said...

@Greg, Thank you!

@Zhu, Yeah, I'm pretty excited :-)

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