Thursday, May 6, 2010

How To Get Your French Fix, Offline

You're already using blogs to stay on top of happenings in French society, culture, and politics, but have you ever thought about taking your hunt for all things Francophile offline? There are countless French resources that don't require an Internet connection. Here are three of my favorites:

1. France Magazine - This publication promises the best of "culture, travel and art de vivre," and when I get my hands on a copy I devour every last page. Sure, you can read it online, but isn't it more fun to get a little piece of France delivered to your mailbox every month? Pour a glass of Sancerre and curl up with the most recent edition.

2. News from France - The French Embassy in the U.S. publishes a free monthly newsletter chock full of what's new, popular, and noteworthy in France. Everything from fashion to technology is covered. It also gives information about French cultural events taking place stateside. Did I mention it's free? Email to subscribe.

3. France24 - France's answer to CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera is a 24-hour news station covering international and French events, while also giving considerable time to stories about culture and the arts. If you'd like to watch it on TV, you'll have to first check if and how it's broadcast in your area. If you can't get it over the airwaves, you can resort to watching it online, in English, French, or Arabic.


Zhu said...

I also often pick up magazine at the library, Ottawa is supposed to be bilingual, so we do get Paris Match :-D

Online, it's so easy... offline, I can go days without knowing what happened lately in France.

Sara said...


What blogs do you recommend online? I'm studying French (on my own, I'm picking up where I left over from college) and I'm in a rut for French material.

Tanya said...

@Zhu, The library is another one of my favorite offline resources for French stuff. Everything is free!

@Sara, Thanks for your question, and I hope you're having fun learning French again.

Try Tartlette for delicious pictures of French food, and a "French Word a Week" feature,

French Word A Day also has great word tips, and the blog author has a book, "Words in a French Life," that is a fun read with vocab help,

If you just want to see about what's new in Paris, check out