Monday, May 17, 2010

Cannes Calling

The 63rd Cannes Film Festival is now underway, which means it's time for me to dust off my annual feelings of regret over the fact that I've never attended.  Ever since studying at the College International de Cannes in the fall of 2001, I promised myself that someday I would return to the scene of my formative study abroad trip to enjoy the city in full-on glamour mode.  But every year, the end of May sneaks up on me, and I suddenly realize I've once again missed my chance to catch a glimpse of the red carpet.

A recent, not-so-favorable article in the Washington Post made me feel un peu better about missing this year's Festival.  According to the author, the festivities are a bit of a downer this year, marred by everything from the economic crisis in Europe, to bad weather, to flight problems resulting from an angry volcano in Iceland.  In short, it might not be the best year for snapping photos of stars or lounging on the beach without a care in the world.

Of course, if my ultimate dream of returning to Cannes with the friends who were with me back in 2001 were to actually come to fruition, I don't think the overall mood of the Festival would matter.  Travel is mostly about who you're with, and less about what you're doing/seeing/experiencing.  If you're with the right people, no amount of poor weather or spewing ash can bring you down.  As long as everyone is happy and healthy, you can have a good time no matter what.  And I'm sure that all of our reminiscing could survive even the dreariest of Mediterranean days.

So, Cannes 2001 guys and gals, you know who you are.  Are you listening?

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Zhu said...

Maybe it's just me, but Cannes wasn't such a big event in France, the buzz is mostly abroad.

I can't help thinking of the cité de la peur movie (have you seen it? 90s movie, hilarious!) each time.