Monday, May 3, 2010

84 New Ways to get to Paris

A large-scale advertising campaign in the Washington, D.C. Metro tipped me off to the news: Open Skies, an all business airline owned by British Airways, just launched a Dulles - Orly route that promises "an innovative cabin, personalized services, and impeccable quality."

Starting today, discerning travelers can pay from $825 plus taxes and fees for a one way transatlantic "Biz Seat" ticket. If you want a "Biz Bed," get ready to fork over at least $1580 one way. But you'll have to depechez-vous if you'd like to snag a spot on this route. With only five flights per week and 84 seats per flight, Open Skies flights are très exclusive.


Zhu said...

Ouch, pricey just to get better service! I'd do with the normal rude airplane service then.

Nomadic Matt said...

Will you buy me a ticket?