Sunday, July 11, 2010

Review: jetBlue

In the span of about three weeks I will have flown jetBlue no less than four times: NYC-SEA, SEA-NYC, NYC-LAX, and LAX-NYC.  I will also have crossed the entire United States four times, which is no easy feat considering I could probably have gotten to London in the time it takes me to get to the West Coast, so it has been a relief to spend those airborne hours in the comfort of my leather, satellite TV-equipped, leg room a-plenty jetBlue seat.

If you've enjoyed flying with Virgin America, you'd enjoy flying with jetBlue.  They're similar in their laid back approach to air travel and their serious efforts to give fliers a few welcome perks.  Both offer satellite TV (free) and a handful of movies (pay), which are a lifesaver when you've got time to burn on a transcontinental flight.  They both also offer a wide selection of decent-for-airlines food for purchase, and they keep their fares competitive with deep discounts for flights purchased well in advance and regular sales.  But jetBlue goes even further by offering free snacks (your choice of cookies, terra chips, cashews, animal crackers, and often a few others) and one free checked bag.  It's a bit sad that we consider a free checked bag to be a perk when recent memory tells us all airlines used to check our bags for free, but in today's pared down flying climate we travelers take what we can get.

The jetBlue terminal at JFK offers additional extras like charging stations for your electronics and a chic bar with small bites and a decent wine list.  All in all, jetBlue is an affordable, comfortable, and, dare I say it, fun airline.  Like Virgin America they fly limited routes, but if they're flying yours I recommend you book a flight and, while you're at it, join their TrueBlue rewards program.  You'll be back.

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Sara said...

we recently flew jetBlue for the first time and I was duly impressed. From Long Beach to SFO - on time, plenty of legroom and easy airports to manuver!