Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

I've never been to Canada and I'm not sure why. I grew up a mere 5 hours from the Canadian border, it has a French-speaking province, and I've heard nothing but good things about the people, places, and culture of our neighbor to the north. So I really have no excuse.

What's more, Canada has never been anything but good to me. According to Parisian Spring statistics, a large portion of my readers hail from Canada. So I'd like to take the time this July 1st to wish all of my Canadians friends out there a very happy Canada Day. Thank you so much and merci beaucoup for being such loyal Parisian Spring readers! I look forward to that splendid day in the future when I finally make it across the border.


Greg said...

Thanks for that. Despite the fact that your google stats will show me as coming from the UK, I am still a proud Canadian. Had a Canadian brew yesterday at Trafalgar Square along with thousands of other Canadians.

You should go to Canada. From New York, Montreal is a very short hop. The most European of North American cities, they say.

Zhu said...

Thank you for thinking of us! I celebrated in the U.K this year though :-D

It's the same to me, I rarely go to the U.S even though I want to see more of it. Let's trade places!