Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cheap(er) French Wine

I just found my new favorite store in New York City.  It's called Warehouse Wines & Spirits, it's at 735 Broadway, and it's amazing.

The fortuitous discovery took place while on a Bastille Day wine hunt.  I just moved to a new neighborhood in Manhattan (The East Village, was previously in Brooklyn) and hadn't stumbled across a liquor store yet.  Then, on my way to the gym I saw this store's enormous yellow sign and knew I was on the right track.  But I didn't know that it was a discount wine store selling everything from Côtes du Rhone to Champagne at very agreeably marked-down prices.   A bottle of Moët for $35?  Check.  Pinot Noir from Burgundy for $13?  Yep.  Row after row of French wine (with a surprising number of bouteilles for $10 or less), helpfully organized by region and thoughtfully described on accompanying note cards?  Oui.  Maybe I'm out of touch with wine prices, but I they sure seemed like good deals to me. 

The store also has a large clearance rack (one of my favorite places to stock up), friendly, helpful staff, and (this is New York City, after all) a considerable number of shady looking characters scraping together pennies to buy cheap rum and vodka.  But they're harmless.  If you're in town and in need of recession-proof St.-Émilion you can't ignore Warehouse Wines & Spirits.  I'll see you there.

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