Thursday, February 28, 2008

Car Envy

This little blue car has been parked out in front of my apartment for about a week now. He has a for sale sign on his back window, and it makes me think about how fun it would be to own such a vehicle. Paris is great for people watching, but it's also not a bad place to do some car watching. For example, I regularly see old Mini Coopers like the one driven by Jason Bourne through the streets of Paris in the Bourne Identity. They're adorable. You can also see old Citroëns, classic Volkswagens, and of course, plenty of teeny tiny Smart Cars.

What you don't see are big cars. The biggest I've seen have been the occasional minivan, and even that is quite rare. But it is unbelievably refreshing to not have to look at a single enormous pickup truck, Escalade, or, heaven forbid, a Hummer. I wonder though: would French people buy such monstrosities if it gas were cheaper, the roadways were wider, and ample parking space was easier to come by? Maybe. In the meantime, small cars will continue to rule the streets of Paris, and I will continue to admire them.


Mary Twiss Connolly said...

Just wanted to mention I saw a Toyota SUV 2 years ago on the bd de la Rochechouart near Montmartre and also a PT Cruiser. Both were shocking to see in Paris!

Love your photo of the blue mini.

Thought you might like these few shots of cars I've photographed:

Tanya said...

Great photos! There are so many fun cars to see in Paris. Haven't seen a PT Cruiser yet. Will keep my eyes open.