Thursday, May 7, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

For a while now I've been contemplating writing a post about how the French and the Americans are alike, which would be a change from the usual Parisian Spring format. I mostly spend time contrasting the two groups and their respective countries. But the interesting, and some would argue surprising, truth is that behind all the differences there are a lot of similarities. In fact, I think Americans and their French counterparts are more alike than either side would care to admit.

However, a post such as that will require a bit more planning. In the meantime, I stumbled across this entry from the Financial Times' Brussels Blog that gives us a preview of as to how the two groups sometimes play the same game. The piece tells us about a recent study that showed the French get more hours of sleep per day than anyone else in the industrialized world. Now, my American readers, before you go on a knee-jerk rant that includes the words "France" and "lazy" in the same sentence, guess who's number two...?


Nomadic Matt said...

lets go to france this summer. i'm sick of hearing about it. i want to get back there.

Blair said...

I wrote my undergraduate thesis comparing and contrasting France and the U.S. I'll have to let you read it sometime!