Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Every year I tell myself I'm going to go, and every year it passes me by. The "it," I'm referring to is the Cannes Film Festival. It's glamorous, it's on the Mediterranean...and it starts today.

Ok, so I didn't make it to the 62nd awarding of the Palme d'Or. Thankfully, Le Festival has a pretty comprehensive website where you can scroll through classic red carpet photos, see what films are being featured, and download this year's promotional poster. You can also listen to the Cannes Film Festival podcast and get the daily weather report from the South of France. It's almost like being there in person. Minus the whole palm trees/celebrity sightings/French cuisine/watching the sunset on the Riviera, thing.


Nomadic Matt said...

lets go next year

Zhu said...

I have never been to Cannes (with or without le glamour, le strass et les paillettes) and for some reason, it doesn't make me dream... I wonder why now!

After all, it is cool.

Tanya said...

@Matt, I'm in!

@Zhu, I love Cannes because I studied there in 2001. The beach, the palm trees, the glamour...my 20 year old self fell in love. It's definitely a place to see, even if it can be a little too glitzy for it's own good sometimes.