Monday, August 4, 2008

What the Future Holds

I owe you an explanation. You've probably noticed that my blog is called Parisian Spring and that my "about me" section described me as a student in Paris finishing up her last semester of grad school and wanting to write about her experiences. You've also probably noticed that it's no longer spring and it's no longer my last semester as a grad student. And you'd be right. So what's the deal? Why am I still writing from Paris? Why keep the blog name, which at one time symbolized the time frame for my trip, but doesn't anymore? Not to worry, I have answers.

As my original departure date, June 30th, crept closer and closer, I decided I wasn't ready to return to the US. New friends, the French lifestyle and a summer with nothing else to do but enjoy them both kept me from jumping on that plane and leaving it all behind. So, I did what any rational person in my situation would do: I changed my ticket. The new return date is August 13th, which, unfortunately, is fast approaching. And this time, there will be no last minute travel adjustments.

What, then, is to become of my blog? For countless reasons, I have decided to keep it going even after I leave The City of Lights. I love writing, I love sharing information with people, I love being part of the travel writing community...I mean, blogging is just plain fun! At first I worried about the title. I worried that it wouldn't make sense to call it Parisian Spring when it was no longer spring and I was no longer in Paris. But then Christine, a fellow blogger, ever so wisely told me that Parisian Spring didn't just represent a moment in time, it also represented a mindset. A mindset that ecapsulates art de vivre, enjoying life, new experiences, travel and curiosity; all the things I hoped, and still hope, to demonstrate through my blog.

When I finally leave this amazing country that has become my second home, I invite you to discover friendly Minneapolis (I will be there for a month) and then exciting Washington, DC (I will hopefully be working there) through the eyes of a local: me! Hopelessly infected with the travel bug, I will have plenty of experiences from other cities and countries to share along the way. I hope to see you there! After all, what could be better than an eternal Parisian Spring?


Greg Wesson said...

Glad to hear that the blog will keep going. I had been wondering when the Parisian part was going to end. I have enjoyed your writing, and look forward to your take on life back in America.


Tanya said...

Thanks, Greg! I look forward to keeping it up :-)

sdg1844 said...

Well, I like that philosophy. It's all a state of mind isn't?

Cheers and look forward to further adventures from you.

Tanya said...

sdg1844: Yes, it's king of like "you're only as old as you feel." It's all in your state of mind. Looking forward to continuing to see you on the site!

Blair said...

You better give me a call when you get back to DC! And you're coming at the perfect time - there should be plenty to blog about as the election heats up!

Tanya said...

Hey Blair, I look forward to seeing you soon in DC! Yes, blogging will be so fun this fall - tons to discuss from Washington.