Friday, August 8, 2008

Island Getaway

To discover one of the south of France's best kept secrets, you'll have to hop on a boat and leave the mainland behind. Beautifully pristine islands dot a number of areas along the coast, such as the Iles de Lérins near Cannes and the Iles d'Hyères near Toulon. These isolated corners of paradise make for great day trips, and provide a calm respite from the crowds. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend checking them out.

Off the coast of Six-fours-les-plages you'll find the Iles Paul Ricard. Yes, that Paul Ricard, the guy who's name adorns thousands of bottles of French Pastis (an alcohol often served during the "apéritif" in France). He discovered and acquired the islands in 1958, set about preserving and protecting them, and today their natural beauty can be enjoyed by visitors year-round. Looking to do just that, I hopped on a boat, taking my bike with me, and set out exploring the hidden beaches, panoramic views and even a vineyard all on the island. I could tell you how it was, but I think these pictures speak for themselves:

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sdg1844 said...

How disgustingly gorgeous. I'm sitting here at work wanting to escape more and more. :-)