Monday, October 25, 2010

Wine, Delivered

Life in Arlington, Virginia is good.  I live in a safe, walkable neighborhood filled with shops and restaurants. I have easy access to multiple forms of public transportation, plenty of green spaces, and all the excitement of our nation's capitol.  Oh, and I have representation in Congress.

Despite all that, I occasionally find myself wishing I lived in Washington, DC proper.  Discovering a DC wine shop that delivers - in the District only - is one of those times.

It's true: will now fulfill your order of beer, wine, or spirits by bringing your purchases to you.  Simply order online, select a delivery window, and remember to be home so you can sign for the delivery.  There are a few hitches - $50 minimum, no deliveries on Sunday - but really, there's little to complain about when the Bordeaux you've been craving magically appears at your doorstep. 

Unless, of course, you live on the other side of the Potomac.  


Zhu said...

But you'd better be home for the delivery or your neighbors will "drink à vôtre santé" :-D

Susan said...

I grew up in Arlington, love it! I'm also a fellow unabashed francophile...;)

Nomadic Matt said...

that would be enough to make me move.

Tanya said...

@Susan, Thanks for commenting - I checked out your blog and am now following you on Twitter. Looks like you're enjoying a wonderful trip!

Cancemini4 said...

Check out! They deliver to DC, MA and VA and have awesomely accesbile wine descriptions for novices like me.