Tuesday, October 5, 2010

French Culture vs. Gym Culture

It's official: The French do not like using gyms to stay fit.  Recent news reports have highlighted lagging gym membership numbers in France despite the best efforts of large companies like Club Med Gym and Fitness First. 

Am I surprised?  Non.  Running on a treadmill or lifting weights or partaking in a group pilates class are simply not activities I associate with the French.  But I love going to the gym, and was constantly frustrated by the lack of modern, affordable facilities in France.  Working up a sweat helps me reduce stress, stay healthy, and sleep better at night. 

Then again, so does a glass of red wine. 


Zhu said...

I started yoga again, this is my best compromise between being French and Canadian.

I tried the gym at the YMCA when I first came here but I get bored, I don't know what to do. Classes are more motivating. I wish I could have gone to a gym with classes in France, such as yoga and pilates, but they were so expensive!

Noamdic Matt said...

They just smoke and walk!

location javea said...

Drinking is an important part of the french culture.In morning also they are doing the same..