Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 World Championship Cheese Contest

The natural follow-up to Friday's post about wine would be a post about cheese. And we're in luck! The 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest was held last week in Madison, Wisconsin. Let's discuss.

You might think that the natural winner of such a contest would perhaps be a cheese of the French persuasion. After all, it is often said that the French have a different cheese for every day of the year, and anyone who has tasted the wares of a Parisian fromagerie knows that of these 365 varieties roughly 365 of them are delicious. However, it was the Swiss who took home this year's top prize (and second prize, as well), with Cedric Vuille from La Brevine, Switzerland winning for his Gruyère. NPR ran a story about the championship, so if you'd like to hear why the judges choose this particular cheese (hint: good body, good flavor notes...and low turnout from the French and Italians), this link will take you there:

Note: the radio story gives a different name for the winning cheese maker than the World Championship website.

Gruyère is indeed a delectable variety of cheese. I love to munch on it during l'apéritif and to use it as an accompaniment to Appenzeller in my fondue. But is it my favorite cheese? Probably not, but then again, I don't exactly like to play favorites with fromage. I love creamy, mild cow's milk cheese spread on a baguette, melted goat cheese with honey in a salad, and salty sheep's milk cheese for a light snack.

French, Swiss, or otherwise, do you have a favorite cheese?


Lou and Erin said...

Hey TB's- I am drinking cava chewing on a block of aged parm while i read this it only wednesday?!?!?! Is it in Madison every year? If so, I sense a weekend excursion in the mid-term future.

Tanya said...

@Lou and Erin, I do believe it's in Madison every year, and also believe it would make for an awesome weekend excursion. Sadly, it is only Wednesday, but that obviously hasn't dampened our spirits...sipping on a lovely CA red at the moment myself :-)

Zhu said...

I love... all kinds of cheese! Gruyère isn't my favorite though, it's a bit bland for me. I like Comté to eat after a meal. Feta cheese and goat cheese (and like you, anything creamy) to cook with pasta or veggies. And stinky blue cheese on a baguette :-)