Monday, June 15, 2009

Would You Wear This on an Airplane?

I've gotten really good a tuning out the safety announcement given by airline staff at the beginning of any given flight. I mean, how many times do need to be told how to fasten the seat belt? My guess is that if you've flown more than once you've probably got it down pat.

Needless to say, if you don't listen to the announcement, you're probably not reading the passenger safety information brochure either. So I don't know what got into me when, during last week's flight from DC to MN, I decided to reach into the seat back pocket, pull out said safety brochure, and engage in a little light reading. What I found has changed my opinion of seat back literature forever.

Take a close look at the two pictures I snapped. They're not terribly clear, but you should be able to notice the guy fleeing out the exit door in a purple tux and top hat, and the woman in a brace position wearing a full-on ballerina get-up, tutu and all. Was this the brochure designer's idea of a joke? Or do more people than I realize wear such outfits on airplanes?


Lou said...

Brilliant Tb's...I have been subjected to the same old Ryanair, American, and Air Lingus cards and the only odd thing is that the woman who grabs her knees looks like her elbows are on the inside of her arms, not the outside, I have never seen someone so double-jointed! I am glad someone else pays attention to these, and its great to see a little creativity shining through! Hope you are well!

Cancemini4 said...

This made me laugh out loud at work :) I always wanted to wear my tutu on a flight but was always too self-concious, now I'll just make sure I'm sitting next to the dude in the purple tux.

Greg Wesson said...

The dude in the purple tux looks like Willy Wonka to me. Where's my golden ticket?!?!

Tanya said...

@Lou, I'm now officially on the lookout for the double-joined brace position woman on the safety brochure.

@Cancemini4, Glad it gave you a laugh at work! I laughed out loud on the plane when I saw it myself.

@Greg, I never even thought about Willy Wonka, but you're right. That guy looks just like him!

Zhu said...

I guess it's the airline's inside joke: they must know nobody ever read these safety instructions! :D