Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting Out of Dodge

I need a break from DC. If you've ever spent time here, you know what an all-consuming city it can be. It seems like everything and everyone is here for the same reason: politics. And because politics is what makes this place tick, it creates what can be a very exciting atmosphere, but it can also feel monotonous and oppressive. After seven months in the city with a one track mind, it's finally time for me to break out of the DC bubble and remember what the real world is like. It's time for me to go home to Minnesota.

As I get some much needed rest and relaxation in the Land of 10,000 Lakes this week, posting to Parisian Spring might take a backseat to barbecuing with friends. Nevertheless, planned activities including taking in a minor league baseball game, a one day road trip up north to visit a friend, a birthday party, and my ten year high school reunion are sure to provide at least a handful of bloggable stories. I'm looking forward to reporting on the state of travel and life from outside the beltway.

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