Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beyond Paris

I don't have to tell you, Parisian Spring reader, that I'm in love with Paris. It's pretty obvious. But sometimes I forget to say just how much I love the rest of France, too. In fact, my first French experience wasn't in Paris at all, it was in Cannes. The second time I lived in France I was also in the south, and during that five month stay I didn't even bother to go up to the capital. I'm not really ready to admit it right here, right now, but it's possible that there are parts of France that I actually prefer to Paris. To prove it, I recently wrote an article about some of those places. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Did I leave out any of your favorites?


Nomadic Matt said...

i never would have guessed u like Paris but I do love Bordeaux!

Tanya said...

@Matt, crazy isn't it? Ah yes, Bordeaux. I've been meaning to see it since forever.

Tina said...

Greetings! Have you heard about Peterman's Eye Travel? J. Peterman wrote about Paris today and I thought I'd share....his community is a wonderful place for curious minds!



Karen said...

I was lucky enough to visit the Charentes Maritime region on my last trip, La Tremblade, Royan, Mornac-sur-Seudre, and climb to the top of the lighthouse, Le Phare de la Coubre -- so very different from Paris, and so wonderful! I wish I could have stayed longer.

Tanya said...

@Tina, Thanks for the tip! I love discovering new, interesting blogs to read.

@Karen, Now there's another part of France I haven't been to. Haven't even heard of those cities (villages?) you mentioned. I'm continually amazed at how many things there are to see and do in France.

Greg Wesson said...

I just got back from Lille, where I took advantage of having a little Renault to cruise around the country side (and into Belgium a little bit).

It was interesting to be in Lille, as it is something like I imagine Brussel and Paris' love child to be like - Parisian in it's architecture and layout, but Brusselian in its love of beer and shiny glass buildings (which would never, ever, be allowed in the heart of Paris).