Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are You Getting Random Kisses, Too?

If you've ever been an American abroad, you might have at one time or another felt like an object of curiosity. Information about our country, our culture, our people and our policies is everywhere, and when some people discover you're from the United States, they want to talk to you about it. They especially want to ask you about it. What do you think/feel/see/do/eat/want/like? Sometimes, all of this attention and questioning can make you feel good, but other times, especially in recent years when we were more criticized than not, it can make you feel defensive. Now, according to NPR, all that attention might make you

The article claims that Americans abroad are experiencing an out-pouring of affection from their foreign neighbors the likes of which many have never seen. Apparently, our selection of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States has made us cool. The author himself speaks of an out-of-the-blue kiss on the check from an Austrian woman on the bus, supposedly in response to the election results and her newfound love for those who made it happen. While I don't agree with all of his beliefs or statements (Maybe I've never been in a threatening enough situation, but I have never lied about my nationality. Are we as Americans really that scared?), he makes an interesting observation.

I know I have a lot of overseas compatriots out there and I'm curious: what, if any, post-election reactions have you seen from locals in your adopted country?


Greg Wesson said...

No random kisses here in London, but then again I am a Canadian, so perhaps I shouldn't expect any.

However, London is in full love-on mode for Obama. The papers are all about Barack, and one of the tube station operators was so joyed, he had to write out his thoughts on the board usually telling us that the Central line was suspended due to a passenger under the train.


Nomadic Matt said...

when i go out tonight, i'll let you know!

Tanya said...

Greg: Love the link! Thanks for sharing.

Matt: Have fun, and I expect a full report in the morning :-)