Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer in the City

Parisians are in a state of shock. After nearly two months of nothing but rain and clouds and the occasional teaser five minutes of blue sky, we've had almost an entire week of nothing but bright sunshine and warm temperatures. The summer clothes have come out, the metro feels like a sauna, and I think I've even seen one or two normally straight-faced Parisians crack a smile. Summer has finally come to the City of Light.

Evidence of summer's arrival is all around. Many cafés have extended their outdoor seating capabilities in an attempt to accommodate all the additional customers who want a suntan with their espresso. Parks are filled with Parisians no longer tempted to stay inside the office on their lunch break. The blue sky makes the cityscape even more beautiful than usual, and the sunsets are simply breathtaking. But I think that my favorite sign of summer is the sudden appearance of an ice cream stand at my local boulangerie. Two euros and 30 cents will get you a large cup of the most delicious homemade ice cream you've ever tried. Vanilla and mango are to die for.

When summer comes to Paris it's important to spend as much time outside as possible: wander the Marais, eat a picnic lunch down by the Seine, or settle in for some excellent people-watching at an outdoor terrace. You have to enjoy every minute of the sun because you never know if it will last. We've lived through March and April; we know what kind of weather is possible in this city. We're not taking any chances.


Nomadic Matt said...

I arrive in mid july!

How did you get onto that site traveblogs?

frogonroad said...

I'll have a suntan with my espresso please.

Tanya said...

I just sent an email to the contact they give on the site asking to be added to their listing. They agreed! You should definitely try it.

Anonymous said...

You speak weather like a true Minnesotan! I'm glad you've gotten some sunshine, please feel free to send some my way. Miss you! Beth