Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brunch in Brussels

A lazy Sunday brunch is surely one of life's little pleasures. It's not rushed and utilitarian like breakfast before a day at the office. You can take your time, have a second coffee, and expand your choices beyond cereal. I'm a big fan of brunching, so I was delighted to find a cozy little spot in the square just behind my apartment building that's perfect for a drawn-out weekend mid-morning meal.

As its name would suggest, Village du Pain puts a heavy emphasis on bread, offering a wide range of tartines and an excellent bread basket. they also have what looked like heavenly homemade lasagna and cannelloni, oeuf à la coque, and a fair number of salads. I ordered the "petit village" meal of a hot drink and either bread or pastries accompanied by multiple jams and spreads. What you don't see in this picture is the crêpe I ordered as well. It didn't last long on the plate.


Jenny said...

Hello, my name is Jenny and recently have traipsed through a few commenters from Tongue in Cheek (Corey Amaro, American expat in France) to their sites and then the sites they love and somehow found yours. I have been reading a while and making notes on Belgium. The delightful looking brunch in your entry today is something that I could find anywhere near me yet how tasty (yet comforting) it can be when enjoyed far from home. Happy blogging.

Adriana said...

sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

We had breakfast here this morning and were disappointed. We liked the ambiance but were not happy with the food. The crepes were bland and the pain au chocolate was stale. Would not go back!