Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Homebound Traveler

Traveling has a lot of perks. You get to meet new people, try new things, see new places, and discover foreign languages and cultures. Everyday can feel like an adventure. But even regular travelers sometimes find themselves at home; far away from the open road/sky/sea and all the excitement that goes along with it. Are these people supposed to just forget about having experiences like those that occur while traveling? Should they resign themselves to same-old-same-old and been there, done that? I think not! If you like to travel, but are currently unable to get away, or want to travel, but can't seem to find the time or money to do so, never fear. There are plenty of ways to live like a traveler right here in your own backyard.

People who are traveling often visit historical sites or museums, so do a little research and locate places of note in your city. Maybe there's a famous work of art, fort, bridge or building that played a major role in history nearby. Go there! People who are traveling also like to try new foods. Scope out your neighborhood's best ethnic restaurants and order something that you've never eaten before. Many travelers enjoy meeting people from around the world. You could do the same without even needing a passport by simply joining a cultural organization or attending a cultural festival. Feeling adventurous? Take the car and drive to somewhere nearby that you've never seen before. You just might be surprised at what you can find 100, 50, or even 20 miles from your doorstep.

Returning from a trip can be so bittersweet. You're happy about getting to sleep in your own bed again, but you soon find yourself longing for the fun and adventure you had while away. Thankfully, many of the things you enjoy about traveling can also be experienced at home. You just have to know where to look. And while these activities might not carry the same romance or "getting away from it all" feeling that they do when you're in another part of the world, they just might be able to partially satisfy your insatiable travel bug.

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